Do You Clean Or Replace Vaporizer Wicks?

vaporizer-wicks2Vape must be one of the hottest things that have ever been invented. It substitutes tobacco smoke in a fashionable and less risky way. Despite containing nicotine, the amount is lesser than the traditional cigarette. What’s best about this device is that you can alter the flavor according to what interests you.

Reasons Why You Should Switch to Vape

Apart from being the new trend, the reason why most people switch to vape from cigarette is because of the advantages it has. Here are the top reasons why a smoker should consider a vape instead.

  1. Saves Money

Some smokers may not realize that they are already spending a lot. The price of one stick seems to cost a little but it really is expensive on a long run. On the other hand, vapes are cheaper. A vape starter kit usually costs around $30 which is cheap enough as it can be used several times. Therefore, investing on this rather than wasting your money on a cigarette as this can save you money.

Of course the higher price you get the better quality of the vape that you’re going to have. However, there are vapes offered at a lower price that has great quality.

  1. Lesser Chemicals

Studies showed that a regular cigarette has more than 600 chemicals which are harmful to the user’s health as well as to the people around. It causes cancer, heart and lung disease, and a lot more. One of the dangerous chemicals found in a cigarette is the nicotine. Although vape contains nicotine, the amount of this chemical is lesser than those inside the cigarette.

  1. No Disgusting Smell

To non-smokers, the smell of a cigarette is extremely disgusting and this is one thing that smokers don’t realize. Fortunately, with a vape, smokers can enjoy a variety of pleasant smell as they can choose from different flavors of e-liquid. Non-smokers as well will not deal with an unpleasant smell from vape.

Now that you are about to decide about choosing vape, it is important to know few things. First, this device is rechargeable so in case it doesn’t light up, check the batteries. Second, know whether you need to clean the vaporizer wicks or it’s time for you to have it replaced. Cleaning the vape should be done on a regular basis as this could affect the taste of your vape. However, replacing it should be done if the vaporizer wicks are:

  • Having a strange taste
  • The wick looks discolored due to heat
  • The wick has been singed

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