Better Choice: Conduction Or Convection Vaporizer

conduction-or-convection-vaporizer4If you are looking for your very first vaporizer, one of the decisions that you have to make is what to choose between conduction or convection vaporizer. There’s a fine line between these two vaporizers and they actually carry the name because of the type of vaporization that these two units use in heating the material. Although the third type of vaporization is already introduced, these two remains the most popular.

Primary Heating Method – What is It?

Unless you are new to vaping, vaporizers work by heating the material which can either be herbs, waxes, or oil or a combination of any of any of these three. Vaporizers use high temperatures to bring the material to boil until it gives off vapor which will be inhaled by the user. The method used by the unit to heat up elements is called the primary heating method.

Conduction Vaporizers

Vaporizer companies developed conduction vaporizers which come with a heating component that heats up the herbs or oil being used. The material is in contact with the heating element which makes it produce vapor faster. Conduction vaporizers use precise temperature when heating up the material. The heat waves can be increased or decreased by pressing the vaporizer’s button.

One advantage of using conduction is that combustion or the burning of the material can be avoided. This is actually why most people are now turning to vaporizers because, in smoking, there is combustion wherein the tobacco is burned which means that more toxins that cause serious illnesses like lung cancer, emphysema, and other health problems will be inhaled by the smoker. However, the use of vaporizer especially a conduction vaporizer creates no apparent toxins from the materials.

Convection Vaporizers

Convection vaporizers are very different with conduction vaporizers because the heating element is not directly in contact with the material. It works by sending heat into the chamber where the vaping material can be found. Unlike with conduction vaporizers, wherein combustion is still possible especially if the temperature is not properly controlled, with convection vaporizers, there is no chance that the vaping material will burn as long as it is set at the right temperature.

The advantage of using a convection vaporizer is that it produces a better tasting vapor. This is because the herbs, oil, or wax is slowly heated up by the unit which creates clearer and more potent results than conduction vaporizers do.

Which Is A Better Choice?

With the help of modern technology, vaporizers are now upgraded and contain features that they don’t have before. The choice between conduction or convection vaporizer is actually a matter of personal preference as both have their own pros and cons that a vaper can evaluate.

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