Are Vaporizers Better For E-Liquid Or Herb?

vaporizers-better7As observed, vaporizers can be used both for e-liquid or herb; the only question is which is better? This is answerable by the user himself. Firstly, it does not matter which is used because it depends on the sensation and enjoyment that a user enjoys. There are some who enjoy using e-liquid because it much easier to purchase and to use in itself, while there are some who choose mixing and blending their own type of herb.

Vaporizers better be used for e-liquid, as some suggests, because it is the ease of use and accessibility which users enjoy that is why they enjoyed using vape. But there are also some who wants to try and experiment new things which makes them think that vaporizers better with herb. When herb is used, it has to undergo heating method which usually takes some process before finally enjoying a vape session.

Vaporizers using herb

When people hear the word herb, it immediately gives an implication of being good for the health or medicinal. This may be true for people who engaged in vaping. Some users of vape say that they feel vape is healthier than smoking a regular cigarette that can contain more cocaine that experts have repeatedly stated must be taken in moderation, else it may be dangerous for the health. It is also easier to use herb in vaping because it can be planted and therefore, will not necessitate one to entail expenses for buying e-liquid. The herb can be planted in one’s own backyard and instantly, one has a supply of the herb they desire which they can used in vape.

A method used in vaporizing herbs for vape is the heating method. Usually, conduction is used wherein the herb is directly heated with the conduction source. It is less expensive and easily warms up the herb. Convection is also another process in the heating method wherein the herb is placed at a higher level to the heat and slowly heats up the herb. This process is used to control temperature level and also to avoid combustion. Lesser herb is required in convection and may not have the strength of aroma that conduction provides.

The same power sources may be used in heating method like battery or flame. Usually, for those who opt to heat herb using battery operated devices, it is recommended to use or charge additional batteries in case not enough heat is generated.