Who Comes Out On Top In Most Portable Vaporizer Reviews?

portable-vaporizer-reviewsIf you belong to the vaping community, perhaps you already know that portable vaporizers are the most popular type of vape units this year. They are small, handy, compact and has a powerful technology providing you the vaping pleasure you need whenever you needed one. There are many kinds of portable vaporizer in the market and it may confuse you a little especially if you don’t know what to look for. Here are the top 3 most popular according to many portable vaporizer reviews online.

V2Pro Series

Taking to the number one spot, is the V2Pro Series with its sleek design, and cool features. It is considered as a versatile device that allows the users to dry herb, oils, and wax with ease. You can use e-juice and leaves with its powerful performance. This vape unit has an 1800mah battery that can set to run for hours of continues vaping. You can vape all night long with your favorite flavors of e-juices or leaves. It can produce a decent amount of cloud. Do not be deceived by its tiny size since it performs very remarkable indeed. The vape unit has a nice and clean appearance and the trigger button is placed without any rattle. The mouthpiece has its perfect size providing everyone and anyone the right amount of cloud they need for their vaping pleasure.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review

Matrix Vaporizer

The Matrix Vaporize has its number 2 spot for a reason. Because of its good value, most online portable vaporizer reviews commend this vape unit because of its great performance. It can dry herb  and can vaporize them smooth and clean generating white cloud. Aside from its performance, this vaporizer is one of the most affordable portable vaporizers today. There are 3 different kinds of colors available and these are white, black and red.

HazeV3 Dual Vaporizer

For those vape users who prefers to use Flask type vaporizer, then you can never go wrong with HazeV3. The quality is outstanding and has its temperature regulator. Its technology includes airflow allowing everyone to have a nice and smooth vaping experience the way they want. Each pop ensures warm and full flavor. It is easy to carry around with its straw looking mouthpiece. This unit has 10 years of warranty guaranteed that you will be satisfied with its performance and truly one of the best. It is handy and easy to carry around which you can keep in inside your pocket.