What’s Different In A Vaporizer That Can Use Oil

oil-vape6One of the best alternatives for smoking has already hit the market years ago. The effect of continuously using cigarettes has been shared to the masses and this has caused a shift in the trend of the industry. More and more people are opting to use vaporizers – better known as vape because it seems that this option gives them the advantage of a healthier choice compared to the harmful effects of cigarettes alone.

With regards to this, there are now many types of oil vape that allows a user to select his choice of liquid. This makes it more flexible compared to the usual cigarettes that are being promoted by tobacco companies. You will be able to feel the smoking experience of cigarettes while avoiding the harmful effects that come with it.


Oils for vaporizers are categorized into two types. The first one is Shatter (translucent oils) and the other is Wax (opaque oils). You need to be able to distinguish them and also try them both out if you want to really understand how they enhance your vaping experience. Shatter oils flow more and mostly have a thick consistency like syrup. You can use them in different flavors as well. Wax oils are harder and this might require you to use a special kind of vaporizer.  Choose one that you like and try out how different they are from the other.


Oils also have different flavors. Unlike cigarettes which have limited tastes, vaporizers feature oils that come in fruit, sweet, and even unique flavors that aim to stimulate the sense of smell of the user. Cigarettes do not have this capability because they mostly have the same smell when used. The flavor will allow the user to savor and enjoy their oil vape. And if oils are used, vapors are stronger in smell and sensation.

More Potent

This then leads us to another great thing. Oils are generally more potent, so if you are after that potent high, then it is the best thing to go for. Choosing vaporizers that are capable of handling oil will mean that you get the advantage of using most fuel types for your vape. You are not limited to just one so you can basically experiment with different flavors and oils. This trend has allowed smokers a more open approach to minimizing their tobacco intake as well so despite having more flavor, you can choose to lessen your intake in the long term.

Are Vaporizers Better For E-Liquid Or Herb?

vaporizers-better7As observed, vaporizers can be used both for e-liquid or herb; the only question is which is better? This is answerable by the user himself. Firstly, it does not matter which is used because it depends on the sensation and enjoyment that a user enjoys. There are some who enjoy using e-liquid because it much easier to purchase and to use in itself, while there are some who choose mixing and blending their own type of herb.

Vaporizers better be used for e-liquid, as some suggests, because it is the ease of use and accessibility which users enjoy that is why they enjoyed using vape. But there are also some who wants to try and experiment new things which makes them think that vaporizers better with herb. When herb is used, it has to undergo heating method which usually takes some process before finally enjoying a vape session.

Vaporizers using herb

When people hear the word herb, it immediately gives an implication of being good for the health or medicinal. This may be true for people who engaged in vaping. Some users of vape say that they feel vape is healthier than smoking a regular cigarette that can contain more cocaine that experts have repeatedly stated must be taken in moderation, else it may be dangerous for the health. It is also easier to use herb in vaping because it can be planted and therefore, will not necessitate one to entail expenses for buying e-liquid. The herb can be planted in one’s own backyard and instantly, one has a supply of the herb they desire which they can used in vape.

A method used in vaporizing herbs for vape is the heating method. Usually, conduction is used wherein the herb is directly heated with the conduction source. It is less expensive and easily warms up the herb. Convection is also another process in the heating method wherein the herb is placed at a higher level to the heat and slowly heats up the herb. This process is used to control temperature level and also to avoid combustion. Lesser herb is required in convection and may not have the strength of aroma that conduction provides.

The same power sources may be used in heating method like battery or flame. Usually, for those who opt to heat herb using battery operated devices, it is recommended to use or charge additional batteries in case not enough heat is generated.

Who Comes Out On Top In Most Portable Vaporizer Reviews?

portable-vaporizer-reviewsIf you belong to the vaping community, perhaps you already know that portable vaporizers are the most popular type of vape units this year. They are small, handy, compact and has a powerful technology providing you the vaping pleasure you need whenever you needed one. There are many kinds of portable vaporizer in the market and it may confuse you a little especially if you don’t know what to look for. Here are the top 3 most popular according to many portable vaporizer reviews online.

V2Pro Series

Taking to the number one spot, is the V2Pro Series with its sleek design, and cool features. It is considered as a versatile device that allows the users to dry herb, oils, and wax with ease. You can use e-juice and leaves with its powerful performance. This vape unit has an 1800mah battery that can set to run for hours of continues vaping. You can vape all night long with your favorite flavors of e-juices or leaves. It can produce a decent amount of cloud. Do not be deceived by its tiny size since it performs very remarkable indeed. The vape unit has a nice and clean appearance and the trigger button is placed without any rattle. The mouthpiece has its perfect size providing everyone and anyone the right amount of cloud they need for their vaping pleasure.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review

Matrix Vaporizer

The Matrix Vaporize has its number 2 spot for a reason. Because of its good value, most online portable vaporizer reviews commend this vape unit because of its great performance. It can dry herb  and can vaporize them smooth and clean generating white cloud. Aside from its performance, this vaporizer is one of the most affordable portable vaporizers today. There are 3 different kinds of colors available and these are white, black and red.

HazeV3 Dual Vaporizer

For those vape users who prefers to use Flask type vaporizer, then you can never go wrong with HazeV3. The quality is outstanding and has its temperature regulator. Its technology includes airflow allowing everyone to have a nice and smooth vaping experience the way they want. Each pop ensures warm and full flavor. It is easy to carry around with its straw looking mouthpiece. This unit has 10 years of warranty guaranteed that you will be satisfied with its performance and truly one of the best. It is handy and easy to carry around which you can keep in inside your pocket.

Do You Clean Or Replace Vaporizer Wicks?

vaporizer-wicks2Vape must be one of the hottest things that have ever been invented. It substitutes tobacco smoke in a fashionable and less risky way. Despite containing nicotine, the amount is lesser than the traditional cigarette. What’s best about this device is that you can alter the flavor according to what interests you.

Reasons Why You Should Switch to Vape

Apart from being the new trend, the reason why most people switch to vape from cigarette is because of the advantages it has. Here are the top reasons why a smoker should consider a vape instead.

  1. Saves Money

Some smokers may not realize that they are already spending a lot. The price of one stick seems to cost a little but it really is expensive on a long run. On the other hand, vapes are cheaper. A vape starter kit usually costs around $30 which is cheap enough as it can be used several times. Therefore, investing on this rather than wasting your money on a cigarette as this can save you money.

Of course the higher price you get the better quality of the vape that you’re going to have. However, there are vapes offered at a lower price that has great quality.

  1. Lesser Chemicals

Studies showed that a regular cigarette has more than 600 chemicals which are harmful to the user’s health as well as to the people around. It causes cancer, heart and lung disease, and a lot more. One of the dangerous chemicals found in a cigarette is the nicotine. Although vape contains nicotine, the amount of this chemical is lesser than those inside the cigarette.

  1. No Disgusting Smell

To non-smokers, the smell of a cigarette is extremely disgusting and this is one thing that smokers don’t realize. Fortunately, with a vape, smokers can enjoy a variety of pleasant smell as they can choose from different flavors of e-liquid. Non-smokers as well will not deal with an unpleasant smell from vape.

Now that you are about to decide about choosing vape, it is important to know few things. First, this device is rechargeable so in case it doesn’t light up, check the batteries. Second, know whether you need to clean the vaporizer wicks or it’s time for you to have it replaced. Cleaning the vape should be done on a regular basis as this could affect the taste of your vape. However, replacing it should be done if the vaporizer wicks are:

  • Having a strange taste
  • The wick looks discolored due to heat
  • The wick has been singed

The Reason Herbal Vaporizers Have Become Popular

herbal-vaporizers3Vaping has been really popular nowadays and with a big demand, there also come a number of options for consumers to consider. When you are shopping, it is very important to make sure that you will find the vaporizer that could fit your preferences and needs. Not all could be ideal so you have to think about the things you would expect to get and eventually look for it on the market. If you want to try out something new and simple, then you can try making an investment for herbal vaporizers which are very common on the market today and would help you to easily manage the experience you will have from it.

That kind of vaporizers is being loved by many people because it is very convenient for most of their needs and it is also very easy to operate. But, if you are wondering why there would be a lot of people who would invest on this, then you should know more of the reasons being considered by other consumers on the market. There would be some forums on the internet that would be able to let you know and have a better idea of the things you should expect from it and determine if this is the right choice for you to take.

Vaporizing is Easier on Lungs

It has been proven that vaporizing is perfect and easier for the lungs of most of the consumers compared to smoking it. With that, it is surely convenient for you to spend time and consider this as one of the best options that you have on the market. You can do more research in order for you to be assured of the possible benefits it could give to you.

Compared to smoking the herbs that would cause cancer, vaporizing it is safer and could be more ideal for most of the consumers who worry about their health.

It Is Portable and Easy to Bring Anywhere

The best about herbal vaporizers is that it is very portable and could let you bring it anywhere you want. It could be small and could fit inside your pockets. There is also no need for you to worry about using it anytime you want because it is rechargeable and could be heated up for most of your cravings and easily satisfy you. That is more convenient to get the result you need in a shorter period of time.

Better Choice: Conduction Or Convection Vaporizer

conduction-or-convection-vaporizer4If you are looking for your very first vaporizer, one of the decisions that you have to make is what to choose between conduction or convection vaporizer. There’s a fine line between these two vaporizers and they actually carry the name because of the type of vaporization that these two units use in heating the material. Although the third type of vaporization is already introduced, these two remains the most popular.

Primary Heating Method – What is It?

Unless you are new to vaping, vaporizers work by heating the material which can either be herbs, waxes, or oil or a combination of any of any of these three. Vaporizers use high temperatures to bring the material to boil until it gives off vapor which will be inhaled by the user. The method used by the unit to heat up elements is called the primary heating method.

Conduction Vaporizers

Vaporizer companies developed conduction vaporizers which come with a heating component that heats up the herbs or oil being used. The material is in contact with the heating element which makes it produce vapor faster. Conduction vaporizers use precise temperature when heating up the material. The heat waves can be increased or decreased by pressing the vaporizer’s button.

One advantage of using conduction is that combustion or the burning of the material can be avoided. This is actually why most people are now turning to vaporizers because, in smoking, there is combustion wherein the tobacco is burned which means that more toxins that cause serious illnesses like lung cancer, emphysema, and other health problems will be inhaled by the smoker. However, the use of vaporizer especially a conduction vaporizer creates no apparent toxins from the materials.

Convection Vaporizers

Convection vaporizers are very different with conduction vaporizers because the heating element is not directly in contact with the material. It works by sending heat into the chamber where the vaping material can be found. Unlike with conduction vaporizers, wherein combustion is still possible especially if the temperature is not properly controlled, with convection vaporizers, there is no chance that the vaping material will burn as long as it is set at the right temperature.

The advantage of using a convection vaporizer is that it produces a better tasting vapor. This is because the herbs, oil, or wax is slowly heated up by the unit which creates clearer and more potent results than conduction vaporizers do.

Which Is A Better Choice?

With the help of modern technology, vaporizers are now upgraded and contain features that they don’t have before. The choice between conduction or convection vaporizer is actually a matter of personal preference as both have their own pros and cons that a vaper can evaluate.

Does A Variable Wattage Vaporizer Cost More?

Shopping for vaporizers is not new for many consumers on the market today. There are so many people who would love to spend their money on this with the hope to have the best experience for it. Vaporizers have been introduced to the market for years and are a perfect choice especially for professional vapers who are fond of mods and customizing their own device to fit more of their preferences and needs. If you are one of them, it is important to be guided on the different options you have and easily choose the one best for you to consider.

When looking for a vaporizer that would be easily customized, then you may consider getting variable wattage. This is one of the most innovative devices produced on the market which could allow you to easily manage the right result you need. You can have the chance to know the battery level of your device, control the heat settings and so other things that you would surely enjoy on this. But, the question of many is that, does variable wattage vaporizer would cost more compared to other options you have on the market?

The answer on that is yes. This kind of vaporizer is very rare on the market and you can expect for it to have a higher price compared to the other vaporizers you can find. You can do research online to know the common prices of most vaporizers and determine the one that could fit the budget you have.

How to Get the Right One for You?

There could be a lot of options to look for on the market but only one would surely fit your needs. With this, you need to have enough knowledge about the possible things you should know in order to get the right one for you. One, you have to consider the budget you have. There are different prices to expect on this as most would be really expensive. With this, you have to do research on the internet and determine the common price you have to consider and prepare the money you will use.

Second, it is best to ask for the recommendations of other people you know. If you have friends who have been using vaporizers for years, then you can manage to talk to them and possibly ask on the brand, model, and manufacturer they have chosen to save a lot of time.